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WVU Board continues work on implementing faculty, academic rules

WVU faculty member instructs students

WVU faculty member instructs students

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The West Virginia University Board of Governors continued its work Friday (May 18) on the process of enacting new policies and procedures in the wake of the state Legislature’s  adoption of laws permitting more independence from the state Higher Education Policy Commission.  

In a special meeting, the Board approved final academic rules and one faculty rule.  

With some exceptions, there was little substantive change in the rules from the current policies.  

For example, the academic rules now require that students be given mid-semester grades. While already a common practice to provide posted grades at semester’s end, it has not previously been required for any mid-semester grade.  

The change was created to ensure that students receive some feedback and information regarding their performance during the semester in expectation it would help improve retention efforts. After several comments on the rule, it was clarified to reinforce that faculty have the discretion to establish, and convey, the meaning and components of a mid-term grade.  

Another change expanded from one year to four years the time a West Virginia high school graduate can leave the state for education and maintain residency status. The goal is to encourage West Virginians to return to the University for graduate or professional school.  

Also, a rule governing possible reductions in force of faculty was adopted after revision to emphasize and clarify the role of faculty.  

In other business the board approved:  

• A new major of public history within the master of arts in history.

• Changing the name of the agronomy major to environmental, soil, and water sciences within the master of science program in plant and soil sciences.

• A new nurse anesthesia major within the doctor of nursing practice.

• A new doctorate in higher education.

• A new research and evaluation major within the master of arts in educational psychology.  



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