About 8 percent of West Virginia babies are exposed to alcohol shortly before birth

Just because a pregnant woman is nearing her due date doesn’t mean it’s safe for her to drink alcohol. Alcohol exposure in the third trimester can still cause her baby developmental problems later in life, including difficulty with language, memory and focusing. WVU researchers Candice Hamilton, Amna Umer, Collin John and Christa Lilly were part of an investigation into how often West Virginia babies are exposed to alcohol in the last two to four weeks before their birth. They found that about 8 percent of newborns statewide had markers for prenatal alcohol exposure in their blood.

WVU’s Stratford supports proposal to alter NCAA men’s soccer season

In April, the NCAA is going to vote on a proposal Maryland coach Sasho Cirovski has been working on for the better part of seven years to change Division I men's soccer from a three-month season in the fall to one that spans the fall and spring semesters of an academic year.

PRT will be closed on Saturday, Feb. 15

The West Virginia University Personal Rapid Transit system will be closed for maintenance Saturday, Feb. 15. This maintenance will allow for standard weekly inspections of the PRT system and is independent of the ongoing assessment of the hillside and surrounding area following Monday’s rock slide incident.

Momen family pays tribute to WVU with School of Dentistry scholarship

Dentistry students at West Virginia University who demonstrate a commitment to compassionate care will benefit from the generosity of an alumnus who found a supportive family atmosphere at the School of Dentistry and his wife who leads a WVU health care studies program.

In rural hospitals, telemedicine may promote faster, noninvasive stroke treatments

West Virginia University’s telestroke program connects rural hospitals throughout West Virginia—and across the Maryland border—with neurologists at WVU, who can offer insight into stroke cases. New research suggests that since the program’s launch in 2016, more patients at those hospitals are receiving prompt, noninvasive stroke treatments there, rather than being driven or flown somewhere else.

WVU announces music and health degree

Students who have a passion for music but also want a career in healthcare can now study both disciplines with a new degree program at West Virginia University. WVU will be one of the first universities in the nation with a music and health undergraduate program.