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WVU bioenergy researcher digging into the root of sustainability

A researcher at West Virginia University is unearthing what facilitates the robust growth of Miscanthus grass, a bioenergy crop that grows well on reclaimed Appalachian mine lands and holds the potential to produce fuel and capture carbon dioxide.

WVU announces additional final recommendations for programs under review

The West Virginia University Office of the Provost announced seven additional final recommendations on Thursday (Aug. 31) from appeals hearings held as part of the Academic Transformation program portfolio review process, including those for Chemistry, Plant and Soil Sciences, Theatre and Dance, Art and Design, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Law, and Mathematical and Data Sciences.

Dead stars cast long shadows: WVU astronomer hunts for glowing ghosts of supernovas

Loren Anderson, a professor in the West Virginia University Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, said studying remnants of supernovas — the violent explosions that occur when massive stars die — is essential for understanding the properties and dynamics of our galaxy but, so far, only a relatively low number have been detected.

WVU researchers weigh pros and cons of Code Interpreter, await upgrades

While West Virginia University researchers see potential in educational settings for the newest official ChatGPT plugin, called Code Interpreter, they’ve found limitations for its use by scientists who work with biological data utilizing computational methods to prioritize targeted treatment for cancer and genetic disorders.