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Alpha Foundation to fund additional research in coal mine fires at WVU

The Alpha Foundation for the Improvement of Mine Safety and Health has awarded additional funds to V’yacheslav Akkerman, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at West Virginia University, to expand his research on the predictability and hazards related to mine fires.

WVU College of Law continues to be ranked a Best Value

West Virginia University College of Law has once again made preLaw Magazine’s list of the nation’s Best Value Law Schools. WVU Law scored a grade of A-, which is higher than 178 other law schools approved by the American Bar Association.

WVU researcher explores how to improve stroke recovery in obese patients

Paul Chantler, an associate professor in the West Virginia University School of Medicine, is researching why obese stroke patients have more trouble recovering than their lean counterparts. His work, funded by the National Institutes of Health, hints at a medical treatment that may narrow this gap.

Life without lead: WVU anthropologist researches lead contamination in Uruguay

Daniel Renfrew began studying the factors that created a lead epidemic in Uruguay while he was in graduate school. While visiting family in Uruguay, Renfrew traveled to investigate the social impacts of lead contamination, examining how the government responded to the crisis, why the crisis happened in the first place and how residents responded, such as through social activism.