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Showing their ‘Pride’: WVU alumni couple boosts Pride Practice Facility effort

Amy and Donal Hall, of South Chesterfield, Virginia, met as trombone players for “The Pride of West Virginia” and married after graduating with their bachelor’s degrees in the 1980s. Daughter Keeley Hagans followed in their footsteps three decades later, demonstrating the family’s shared passion for the Mountaineer Marching Band.

WVU researchers see need to strengthen mental health programs for first responders

Controlling traumatic situations is synonymous with the daily duties of first responders, yet many mental health programs to combat the increasing stress they encounter are lacking. That’s why West Virginia University researchers are identifying steps policymakers and community members can take to aid front-line workers.

Two WVU students awarded Critical Language Scholarship

Ariana Burks and Matthew Kinzer, both West Virginia natives, will spend two months learning Arabic and Japanese, respectively, while traveling abroad this summer as West Virginia University recipients of the U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship.