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WVU researcher to tackle the mysteries of dark energy and the universe beyond

Though it makes up roughly 70 percent of the universe, dark energy is one of the greatest cosmological discoveries that is the least understood among scientists. A new project led by West Virginia University researcher Kevin Bandura will help scientists understand the nature of dark energy by mapping out the distribution of matter throughout the universe.

Buying emergency contraception is legal but not always easy at small, mom-and-pop pharmacies

Just because it’s legal to buy emergency contraception over the counter doesn’t mean it’s easy. In a new study led by Amie Ashcraft—a researcher with the WVU School of Medicine—chain pharmacies were more likely than smaller, independent ones to keep emergency contraception in stock. Chain pharmacies also made it easier to access and provided more information about its effectiveness.

Milan Puskar Stadium At 25% Capacity Beginning Oct. 17

West Virginia University and its Department of Intercollegiate Athletics will welcome fans back to Milan Puskar Stadium for the first time this football season, when the Mountaineers play host to the Kansas Jayhawks on Oct. 17.

WVU engineers receive $3 million DOE award to capture emissions at shale gas production sites

A three-year collaborative project to develop a new low-cost process to convert the natural gas that is commonly flared at industrial sites could benefit a number of industrial sectors including the carbon fiber industry, carbon composite, electronics, electrical arc steel making, polymer additives and many others, all while having a positive effect on the economy and environment.

WVU Hardesty Festival of Ideas speakers to examine social justice issues through diverse lenses

Protecting the rights of others, exposing discrimination through entertainment venues, sharing the anxiety of recovering from substance abuse disorder and recounting the personal experience of escaping a war-torn country through refugee camps are the social justice themes woven among the four speakers at West Virginia University’s 2020 Hardesty Festival of Ideas lectures.

WVU and Pitt team up for laser trial to treat glaucoma

Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in the world. A new study to be conducted by the West Virginia University and the University of Pittsburgh seeks to change that. The National Eye Institute recently awarded the universities $15.2 million to study how a treatment called selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) can be better used to treat glaucoma.