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Flood control: WVU experts seek community-driven answers to living with flooding

Nicolas Zegre and Jamie Shinn, experts in hydrology and adaptation to climate change, respectively, used flooding in the Greenbrier County communities of Rainelle and White Sulphur Springs in 2016 to focus not only on what the floods did and the damage they caused, but how residents reacted and adjusted how and where they live in relationship to the water.

At least 80% of opioid overdoses aren’t fatal, WVU researchers want to know how they affect the brain

The vast majority of people who overdose on an opioid will survive the experience. Yet scientists know little about how nonfatal overdoses affect the brain and cognition. WVU School of Medicine researchers Erin Winstanley and James Mahoney systematically reviewed journal articles that examined the topic. Overall, the studies supported a link between overdose, brain abnormalities and cognitive impairment, but more research—with more precision—is needed. Their findings appear in Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

Lyons announces contract extension for Bob Huggins

West Virginia University Director of Athletics and Associate Vice President Shane Lyons has announced a contract extension for men's basketball coach Bob Huggins to serve as head coach through the 2023-24 season, with the option to continue to coach or extend his relationship with the University to June 30, 2027. The amended employment agreement takes effect immediately.