WVU expert: women fear retaliation, blame for sexual assault/harassment accusations

In the month since actress Amber Anderson accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, a flood of accusations against the producer has opened the door for a deluge of allegations against other high-profile men, including Dustin Hoffman and Kevin Spacey. Accusations of sexual assault/harassment aren’t new, but the proliferation of women and men who have spoken up about their own experiences is. A West Virginia University expert explains why a victim may take a long time to come forward.

WVU expert: Manafort, Gates indictments signal Russian attempt to influence U.S. politics

Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort and his associate Richard Gates were indicted Monday morning (Oct. 30) as part of a federal investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 election. According to one West Virginia University expert, the 12-count indictments “emphasize how foreign entities attempt to influence American politics.”

WVU experts to discuss ‘Teaching Politics and History in the Trump Era’

The shifting political landscape has created seismic changes for those on the ground teaching history and political science. Two West Virginia University professors will explore “Teaching Politics and History in the Trump Era” Wednesday (Nov. 1) in the Mountainlair Rhododendron Room.

ACA enrollment period shortened, but ‘Obamacare’ is still the law

Open Enrollment for health plans on the ACA Marketplaces is shorter than it has been in previous years, six weeks from Nov. 1-Dec. 15. Free in-person enrollment help is available from four certified Navigators with the West Virginia Healthy Start Navigator Project at West Virginia University.

‘Little effect’ on coal jobs from Clean Power Plan rollback, WVU expert says

A West Virginia University expert says that eliminating the Clean Power Plan will have little effect on bringing back coal jobs because market forces, not regulations have undermined the coal industry’s future. To tell coal miners otherwise is “cruel,” according to WVU law professor James Van Nostrand, who accused EPA administrator Scott Pruitt of engaging in “demagoguery at its worst” and “playing on the hopes and fortunes” of people in coal dependent states who deserve better from their leaders.

WVU Social Work program trains students to meet needs of rural West Virginia

West Virginia’s rural communities often suffer from a shortage of behavioral health care providers, a deficiency being addressed by West Virginia University’s School of Social Work, which has implemented the Rural Integrated Behavioral Health Training program. The program trains Masters of Social Work students to work in these communities, and has received its third cycle of funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration.

WVU expert: reactions to Las Vegas mass shooting and recent hurricanes vary among Americans

An onslaught of news from the aftermath of mass shootings to that of hurricanes leaves some Americans in a despondent funk, while others absorb what has happened and move on, according to a West Virginia University expert, who goes on to say that human beings who have been exposed to such events over time, even when they are not a part of them, are on a “spectrum” from experiencing vicarious traumatization to desensitization.