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Expert Pitches

WVU finance expert explains why people are turning to AI for investment advice

Pawan Jain, an assistant professor of finance at the West Virginia University John Chambers College of Business and Economics, is an expert on technology-forward financial tools such as blockchain and high-frequency trading and coauthor of a demographic analysis of a robo-advising firm’s customer base that appeared in the Financial Review.

WVU experts contend Trump indictment not unusual on global scale

For the first time in U.S. history, a former U.S. president — Donald J. Trump — has been indicted on criminal charges. West Virginia University political science experts Mason Moseley and Jay Krehbiel are looking at the experiences of other democratic countries around the world as a frame of reference for what is now happening in America.

WVU experts argue against retirement age increases

Two West Virginia University experts see threats to quality of life along with health care and tax bases in ongoing debates about increasing retirement ages in the United States and elsewhere.

WVU expert addresses plant resiliency as seasons change

A West Virginia University Extension specialist is offering insights on the effects lingering winter weather and fluctuating temperatures could have on trees, shrubs and flowers heading into the official start of spring on Monday, March 20.