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WVU researchers to share expertise at international conference on mine water, reclamation

West Virginia University will co-host the 2024 Mine Drainage Task Force Symposium and 15th International Mine Water Association Congress, bringing together mining, water and reclamation experts from around the world who will provide the latest updates on research, regulations and practices involving mine drainage, water quality and rare earth element extraction.

Renowned WVU astrophysicists to shed light on their cosmic discovery

Two West Virginia University astrophysicists, credited with helping discover fast radio bursts — intense, unexplained pulses of energy, coming from billions of light years away, that pop for mere milliseconds — will discuss their research and discovery as part of their Shaw Talk for the University.

WVU unveils new autism resources directory during World Autism Month

To help connect autistic people and their families to important resources more efficiently, the West Virginia University Center for Excellence in Disabilities has developed a new autism resources directory and interactive map focused on available Mountain State services.