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WVU weight loss expert sees potential in new obesity drugs

A West Virginia University expert predicts the many medications currently hitting the market to target obesity will only be the beginning of new discoveries to help people with a body mass index of more than 30 achieve sustained weight loss.

WVU expert advises keeping leftovers out of ‘danger zone’

What do your Thanksgiving leftovers have in common with Maverick and Goose from “Top Gun”? They’re all potentially headed for the “danger zone” and one West Virginia University expert is suggesting ways to keep them out of it.

WVU expert provides tips for a Thanksgiving free from fires

Many people associate Thanksgiving with food, family, friends and football, but not fire. To keep it that way, a West Virginia University fire safety expert is offering safety reminders ahead of the holiday during which home cooking fires occur more frequently than at any other time of the year.