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Electric vehicles no environmental savior, could cause power grid problems

As Ford unveils its electric F150, West Virginia University experts note the shift from gasoline-powered engines is not an environmental panacea in the short term, but instead will mean significant and costly upgrades to the nation’s infrastructure. Citing recent events, they caution the race to electric vehicles may outrun what’s needed to keep those vehicles on the road.

Rural America primed for mileage if $2 trillion infrastructure plan passes

Rural communities help fuel the nation, though decades of aging and deteriorating infrastructure have stifled the potential of the American economy and way of life, according to West Virginia University experts. A proposed $2 trillion federal infrastructure plan, announced by the Biden administration, could bridge the gap between rural and urban America in more ways than one: opening access to jobs, healthcare and education, and boosting the economy.

WVU Army ROTC set to commission 23 new Second Lieutenants

Brig. Gen. Murray E. “Gene” Holt, Assistant Adjutant General – Army and commander of the West Virginia Army National Guard — is the keynote speaker for the commissioning of 23 Army ROTC Mountaineer Battalion cadets as Second Lieutenants.