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Coal mining dangers remain 50 years after Coal Mine Safety and Health Act, subsequent mine disasters

Nearly 50 years after the passage of the federal Coal Mine Safety and Health Act, significant occupational dangers for coal miners remain. As the anniversary of the Sago Mine Disaster approaches, and on the heels of the 50th anniversary of the Farmington Mine Disaster, Michael McCawley from the West Virginia University School of Public Health notes black lung cases are on the rise and silicosis diagnoses persist. His research has been inspired by these and other mine tragedies in an effort to make coal mines safe and healthy places to work.

WVU research focuses on how attitudes toward mental illness affect student-athletes

The cultural stigma related to mental illness and those seeking mental health services is pervasive. Suicide tends to rate as the second or third highest cause of death for student-athletes, according to Robert Hilliard, a West Virginia University doctoral student. Hilliard is using an NCAA grant to examine the role that stigma plays in student-athletes’ attitudes toward seeking help for mental health services.

WVU professors have roles in Dept. of Energy plasma research policy

West Virginia University physics and astronomy professors are part of a national Department of Energy research team that actively shape research policy in their field. Earl Scime notes that while thermonuclear energy is the major focus of plasma physics, there are other benefits from the research. Scime is one of seven scientists who will organize the first phase of a strategic plan to further plasma physics research in a new facility for testing materials to be used in fusion reactors.

WVU CPASS graduate assistants help train local high school and WVU athletes

For some, strength training and conditioning might look intimidating. For others, it might be a way to relieve stress. For graduate assistants Jarrod Burton and Billy Cedar it’s their passion and future career plan. Both Burton and Cedar are working as strength and conditioning coaches with student-athletes from high school to collegiate levels, focusing on helping them train and reach their own goals.

Huntington Bank commits substantial gift to Startup Engine business accelerator at John Chambers College of Business and Economics

The Startup Engine houses WVU’s first startup accelerator program, and is designed to attract, select and accelerate startup businesses focused on the sectors and industries identified in the West Virginia Forward report, helping those startups to hone their ideas, access seed capital, develop mentor relationships and partner with existing businesses.

Pearl Harbor Remembrance to be held Friday

WVU and local community organizations will honor the brave Americans who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor and those who survived “the date which will live in infamy.”