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WVU to host Organic Field Day Saturday

WVU Organic Field Day Saturday (Aug. 28) begins at 2 p.m. and will include workshops, tours of research plots and hands-on activities, as well as a celebration of pioneering work in organic farming.

Heat poses dangerous risk to people active outdoors, says WVU athletic training expert

Samantha Scarneo-Miller, who directs West Virginia University’s Master of Science in Athletic Training Program, provides tips that casual athletes—and even non-athletes—can steal from the field of athletic training to protect themselves against exertional heat stroke. She also explains why that protection is vital in the first place.

Debunking canning myths: WVU Extension Service agent offers expert advice to safely preserve food

It’s that time of year when gardeners harvest their bounty and begin the process of preserving those foods to enjoy throughout the coming year. With a host of online videos available on Tik Tok and YouTube, it’s tricky weeding out fact from fiction when it comes to food safety. Gina Taylor, WVU Extension Service Family and Community Development Agent, debunks a few of these widely circulated myths and provides expert advice on safely preserving your food.