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December holidays span cultures around the world

Many people associate the month of December with certain religious holidays, most notably Chanukah and Christmas. While Ramadan sometimes occurs in December, this year the Muslim holy month of fasting, prayer and reflection was observed in April and May. Aaron Gale, West Virginia University religious studies coordinator, said the last month of the year represents a time to celebrate humankind’s diversity in general since the month contains many more holidays from many more cultures.

WVU Extension experts remind West Virginians of fall burning considerations to prevent brush and forest fires

Recent brush and forest fires in various parts of West Virginia are a that decreased humidity in the fall and winter seasons can cause dry leaves, grasses and other forest floor debris to become more flammable, creating a higher risk of unwanted fires. West Virginia University Extension experts Mark Lambert and Dave McGill have provided some considerations for outdoor burning this time of year so everyone can do their part to prevent serious brush and forest fires throughout the state.