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WVU to host a DIY Environmental Sensor Workshop for STEM educators, researchers, state government and community

West Virginia University will hold the Appalachian Freshwater Initiative Do-It-Yourself Environmental Sensor Workshop with the goal of introducing K-12 STEM educators, state government employees, community groups and researchers to innovative, open-source environmental monitoring systems that provide a low-cost alternative for monitoring water quality, quantity and climate in real-time.

High school and college students to volunteer during national TRIO day of service

The last Saturday in February has been designated by Congress as National TRIO Day to encourage students to give back to their communities through service. The volunteers at this event are 231 undergraduate students and staff from the TRIO programs (Upward Bound, Student Support Services and McNair Scholars), along with 60 high school students in the Upward Bound program.

West Virginia businesses and entrepreneurs to showcase opportunities and new ideas at Capitol

More than 40 businesses and organizations will celebrate our state's entrepreneurial spirit at the Capitol. Exhibitors and attendees work in fields ranging from energy efficiency to advanced manufacturing and robotics. Entrepreneurial support services include business and financial planning, pitch competitions for start-up companies and assistance with business plan development. Exhibits will be set up in the House and Senate Hallways and around the Capitol Rotunda.

Gen Z using social media to start a political movement in aftermath of school shooting, WVU communications expert says

A generation raised on the Hunger Games and Harry Potter is using those examples of children who organize themselves to fight corruption and cruelty, according to a communications expert. The West Virginia University researcher says teens are using their collective social media acumen to address what they see as injustice in their own world. Although the issue for survivors of a mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, is gun control, it's not the only one causing teenagers across the country to find their political voices before they can vote, Elizabeth Cohen says.

WVU expert: media misses inter-personal violence, mass violence connection

A sociologist suggests there is a "strong correlation" between threats to school shooters' masculinity and their mass killings. Walter DeKeseredy, director of the Research Center on Violence at West Virginia University, says media often misses-as it did in the case of Parkland, Florida-the connection between a history of inter-personal violence and mass shootings.

WVU faculty teams with local high school student to create Twitter bot for Statler College

A trio made up of WVU Statler College faculties and staff members along with a high school student have developed @WVUStatlerBot, a twitter account that can post, like, retweet, follow and direct message other accounts automatically. Saiph Savage, Mary Dillon and University High School student Caroline Anderson are merging technology, social media and marketing with this autonomous bot.

WVU expert studies 'averted school shootings'

West Virginia University school counseling expert Jeff Daniels is studying schools that have successfully averted shootings, noting the nation can learn as much from those schools as it can from studying "the school shooter."

WVU Global Health outreach reconstructs victims of domestic abuse

Gregory Borah, M.D., WVU professor of plastic, reconstructive and hand surgery and physician in WVU's Global Health Program, offers perspective on reconstructing the physical scars that remain for survivors of domestic abuse. Recently, he traveled with a group of surgical volunteers from WVU's J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital to Jaffna, Sri Lanka to help treat survivors who suffer from severe injuries and deformities as a result of domestic abuse and the country's recently concluded civil war.

CANCELLED: WVU Day at the Legislature

West Virginia University and WVU Extension Service made the decision to cancel WVU Day at the Legislature, scheduled for Feb. 20. after monitoring events in Charleston.