WVU expert available for comment on how low vaccine rates may have contributed to deadly rise in flu cases

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s newly released impact report shows that more that 79,000 deaths were attributed to influenza last year. And while West Virginia leads the nation in flu vaccination, with 46.3 percent of the adult population vaccinated, the United States has a long way to go in helping overcome deaths and illnesses related to the flu.

Properly dealing with society’s issues starts in the classroom, WVU expert says

A West Virginia University expert says one solution for America's divisiveness and inability to handle society’s most complex, controversial problems lies in classroom communication. Trusting the teacher, feeling understood and exploring diverse perspectives “equips our youth with the tools to engage in a democratic society,” according to Tiffany Mitchell Patterson. 

WVU Extension Service expert offers advice for managing stink bugs inside the home

As temperatures across the Mountain State drop, many insect pests seek shelter indoors, including one common visitor – the brown marmorated stink bug. Though it is a nuisance to homeowners, according to West Virginia University Extension Service insect expert Daniel Frank, this pest won’t harm you and is easily managed with a few simple control methods.

WVU experts discuss this fall's muted colors

Although frequent rain may be good for growing grass, it can also mute the expected brilliant hues of trees as the season changes. According to two West Virginia University experts, heavy precipitation and warmer temperatures are responsible for the lack of colors seen this fall.

Experts discuss immediate and lasting impacts of hurricanes

As the second hurricane in a month makes landfall along the U.S. coast, West Virginia University experts are available to discuss how climate, sea level and land-use changes affect flooding in coastal watersheds, as well as the vulnerability and resilience of communities devastated by large-scale disasters.

WVU experts weigh in on Nobel Prize-winning laser research and women’s contributions to physics

Two physicists at West Virginia University celebrate women’s contributions to the field and highlight the research they’re doing in light of the 2018 Nobel Prize award to Donna Strickland, only the third woman to win the prize in more than a century. Cheng Cen works on surface and interface dynamics and Micky Holcomb uses pulsed lasers to study a range of materials, including magnets for next-generation.

Damage from Hurricane Florence to be determined by climate, sea level and land use changes

West Virginia University expert Omar Abdul-Aziz has done extensive research on how climate, sea level and land-use changes affect flooding in coastal watersheds. Abdul-Aziz believes the key to disaster mitigation is accurately forecasting the damage caused by destructive winds, sweeping storm surges and devastating freshwater flooding often associated with massive hurricanes like Florence. He has developed hydrologic models to predict rainfall-fed freshwater flooding in large-scale coastal basins during extreme climate events.

WVU Extension Service experts talk about how to prepare for Hurricane Florence

As the eastern seaboard awaits the arrival of Hurricane Florence, the West Virginia University Extension Service has experts in agriculture to help producers keep their animals and equipment safe from flood waters, as well as experts in the Safety and Health Extension to address worker safety and flood rescue who have compiled information from governmental agencies to keep the general public safe.