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Expert Pitches

Despite losing a U.S. House seat, West Virginia can still wield congressional power

Although West Virginia will lose one of three congressional seats - based on a decline of nearly 65,000 residents in new U.S. Census Bureau data - the overall damage may be minimal, according to a West Virginia University political scientist. John Kilwein believes that Sen. Joe Manchin’s current prominence in the U.S. Senate shows that individual members of Congress can be as, or more, influential than the number of seats a state holds on Capitol Hill.

The buzz around Brood X: Don’t fear the cicada, WVU scientists say

They’re coming but there’s no need to fear (although you may want to reach for some earplugs). Brood X periodical cicadas are set to emerge in at least 15 states – including West Virginia - in late May, according to scientists with the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design.

WVU Extension experts offer considerations before adding bunnies and chicks to Easter baskets

Spring is here and the Easter holiday is around the corner, which means farm and feed stores everywhere have cute baby animals, such as bunnies and chicks, available for purchase. While you may be tempted to bring home a bunny or some chicks as a holiday gift for your children, West Virginia University Extension Service Agents Natasha Harris and Jesica Streets have shared a few considerations before making the investment.

WVU Extension Service expert offers advice, tips for landowners dealing with ice storm aftermath

Earlier this week, Old Man Winter packed a dual punch of ice and snow that blanketed a large part of the U.S., including southwestern West Virginia. In addition to causing power outages and dangerous roads, ice storms also present a number of hazards for landowners, including severe damage to forests and the value of timber. WVU Extension Service Forestry Resources Specialist David McGill notes it’s important for landowners to remain calm and seek out resources to develop a plan to address the damage.

‘Little guys sticking it to Wall Street?’ WVU expert explains how Redditors gamed the stock market

One West Virginia University financial expert believes the recent stock surges of GameStop and other companies undermine public confidence in the market and could ultimately harm the economy. A coordinated effort by individual traders on social media platforms has manipulated prices for GameStop, AMC Entertainment, Blackberry and others, said Alexander Kurov, Fred T. Tattersall Research Chair and Professor of Finance in the John Chambers College of Business and Economics. GameStop stock shot up more than 1,700% since early January and, now, some trading platforms are restricting trades on the video game retailer.

WVU law expert says health workers refusing to transport patients, administer oxygen, raises legal and ethical flags

In Los Angeles, emergency workers are deciding who gets taken to the hospital and who doesn’t as nearly 8,000 COVID-19 patients overcrowd its healthcare facilities. Ambulance crews there have been instructed to not take patients with little chance of survival and to reserve oxygen use for hospitalized coronavirus patients, a directive that West Virginia University College of Law Professor Valarie Blake says raises legal and ethical questions.