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Using bacteria from hot springs, WVU biochemist studies RNA splicing in humans

About 70 percent of the human genome doesn’t code for anything. When it’s transcribed to RNA—the instructions our cells follow when they make proteins—most of the message doesn’t contain any useful information. As West Virginia University researcher Aaron Robart put it, it’s “junk DNA.”

WVU Reed College of Media selects Point Pleasant for community branding

The West Virginia University Reed College of Media has announced Point Pleasant, West Virginia, as the next partner for BrandJRNY, a project that aims to revitalize communities in the Mountain State through customized branding plans that promote tourism and economic development.

The positive implications of…climate change? WVU researcher sees agricultural, food availability and economic possibilities

Depending on your side of the aisle, climate change either elicits doomsday anxiety or unabashed skepticism. Jason Hubbart, director of Institute of Water Security and Science at West Virginia University, takes a more centered approach. He’s studied the undisputable changing patterns in West Virginia’s climate. And, believe it or not, there is at least one silver lining stemming from changing climate, he insists: The growing season is getting longer.

Chick-fil-A Kids Zone to debut at Mountaineer football games

The Chick-fil-A Kids Zone is a pre-game interactive fan entertainment area located at the Caperton Indoor Practice Facility on the south side of Milan Puskar Stadium. The Chick-fil-A Kids Zone opens 2 1/2 hours prior to kickoff at every home football game (except NC State on Sept. 14) and closes a half-hour prior to game time.

Hand in glove: WVU researchers test safety measures for coal industry

While researchers at West Virginia University were testing coal miners’ safety gloves to help reduce lost-time accidents, they went a step further. Eduardo Sosa, a research associate professor in mechanical and aerospace engineering in the Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, and Marta Moure, a post-doctoral fellow from Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain, reduced the need for future physical testing of the gloves through computer simulations.

WVU names 2019 class of Ruby Fellows

Seven students pursuing doctoral degrees at West Virginia University are receiving funding through the Ruby Scholars Graduate Fellows Program. Lauryn Alexander, Heather Baldwin, Elaine Christman, John Hansen, Emily Hughes, Alyssa Stonebraker and Nicholas Winch have been named to the eighth class of fellows.