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Latest WVU statement on student radio station issues

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West Virginia University issued the following statement today (Dec. 11) regarding personnel issues at the student-run radio station WWVU:

West Virginia University is committed to creating an educational and workplace environment where faculty, staff and students feel welcome, safe and free to express themselves. However, this commitment has been questioned through the concerns raised by students working at the student-run radio station, U92.

The University takes these concerns seriously and has taken the following measures:

1.    Effective immediately, Kim Harrison is assuming the duties of interim general manager of U92.

2.    While the investigation is pending, the current general manager will not be reporting to work on campus and the University has reinforced interim measures to limit contact between the general manager and students during the investigation.

3.    The University has hired outside legal counsel to assist with the review of the facts of this case, quickly and thoroughly, to finalize the investigation.

The University remains steadfast in addressing the WWVU students’ concerns, and will work with the students to bring it to resolution as quickly as possible. WVU encourages any member of the University family who believes they have relevant information related to the current WWVU matter, or any other, to contact James Goins, the University’s Title IX Officer.

WVU will not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, domestic misconduct, stalking or retaliation. The University will continue to follow its policies and procedures to address any actions which would be considered contrary to this commitment.


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