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Statler College to host High and Elementary School Engineering Challenge Camps

Boys and girls standing with WV Engineering Challenge Camp banner

Boys and girls standing with WV Engineering Challenge Camp banner

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WHAT: The Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources at West Virginia University will host two Engineering Challenge Camps the week of July 15. 

High school campers in Engineering in Healthcare will focus on activities related to patient care, medical device design and emerging technologies in the field. Twenty-five campers from five states will be attending. 

Move and Improve, a camp for elementary school students, will feature activities ranging from building composite bones to constructing and assembling modular houses. First through third graders will attend camp in the morning with fourth and fifth graders attending in the afternoon. Sixty-three campers from three states will be in attendance. 

The camps are co-sponsored by EQT and the Statler College and are sponsored in part by Halliburton, Eaton, Chevron, Assurant and Northeast Natural Energy.


HIGHLIGHTED ACTIVITIES: Engineering in Healthcare

Tuesday, July 17, 10:30-noon, 205 Mineral Resources Building

Tissue Engineering Introduction and Design

Campers will develop a structure using Knex as a modeling tool to explore the ideas of bone regeneration. This is applicable to solving issues with bone degeneration or injury.


Thursday, July 19, 9-11 a.m., 205 Mineral Resources Building

Artificial Wrist and Hand Build

Campers will design and build an artificial wrist and hand using household materials. The prototype must be able to complete an everyday task such as turning on a light switch or opening a door.


Tuesday, July 17, 10:10-11 a.m., G35 Engineering Sciences Building

Density Décor Activity

First-, second- and third-grade campers will use various liquids to explore the properties of density while learning how to work in a lab setting.


Wednesday, July 18; 9:15-10:10 a.m., 205 Mineral Resources Building

Rollercoaster Design

First-, second- and third-grade campers will design and build a gravity-propelled rollercoaster using household materials.


Thursday, July 19, 1:15-2:30p.m., 105 Mineral Resources Building

Robot Lifeguard

Fourth- and fifth-grade campers will design and build a device to attach to a Sphero, a Bluetooth-enabled robot, which they will code to rescue a Barbie.


Complete camp agendas can be found online at 



CONTACT: Statler College Marketing and Communications

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