Coffee perks for colorectal cancer patients—it can prolong life

Advanced colorectal cancer patients who consume four or more cups of coffee a day are more likely to live longer than those who drink less, according to freshly-brewed research co-authored by a West Virginia University doctor, Richard Goldberg.

'High intensity' bird migration expected in West Virginia skies

The time has come for birds to “fly south” for the winter and a “high intensity” migration event will take place in the skies over West Virginia tonight (Mon., Sept. 14). Hannah Clipp, a doctoral student in the West Virginia University Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design, discusses bird migration and what West Virginians can expect.

Pandemic-Proof Artist showcases pandemic-inspired art

West Virginia University College of Creative Arts, in a joint effort with WVU Career Services and the Reed College of Media, will present the Pandemic-Proof Artist Series, which begins Wednesday (Sept. 16). The event consists of webinars and workshops by four guest artists, performers and other creatives who have stayed inspired during the pandemic.

WV Women Moving Forward to host virtual summit

WV Women Moving Forward virtual summit to discuss women’s economic issues in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and how West Virginians can take a shared responsibility for meaningful, lasting change.

WVU LGBTQ+ Center launching Anti-Racist and Gender-Inclusive Safe Zone Training

A new, student-led initiative through West Virginia University’s LGBTQ+ Center will promote anti-racist and gender-inclusive practices on campus through a series of trainings that include a history of racism, systemic discrimination, the complexities of identity-based on race/ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender, and certain language and resources to know how to intervene in bias, harassment and discrimination.

WVU leader in lung, sleep issues explains new guidelines for clinics during COVID-19 pandemic

Patients with lung issues or sleep conditions can breathe easier and sleep better during the COVID-19 pandemic as they can return to clinics where treatment is available. Dr. Sunil Sharma, section chief for West Virginia University School of Medicine Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine and a group leader in the American Thoracic Society international task force, is participating in national webinars to raise awareness for new guidelines for patients.

Students can feel at home and succeed at WVU through host of support services at start of the new academic year

As students adjust to new norms brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic this semester, both academically and socially, West Virginia University has support services in place for undergraduate students who may have been disproportionately affected by the changes, including students with disabilities, first generation students and others from underrepresented populations.