WVU 4-H programming helps student win excellence scholarship

At West Virginia University, 4-H programming has adapted to include robotics and similar activities that help students be successful in STEM fields. A 4-H Lego robotics program guided Ethan Meighen’s decision on a major and a career path. Meighen’s leadership skills he learned through 4-H earned him the EQT Foundation’s West Virginia Students of Excellence scholarship.

WVU HSTA students educate, work on health projects in their communities

The Health Sciences & Technology Academy at West Virginia University helps the state’s high school students attain the opportunity to attend tuition-free college. The rewards of the program go beyond the individual, however, and permeate their communities as they become advocates who work on a health problem there for four years.

Statler College to host Lane Department Capstone Expo

The Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering in West Virginia University’s Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources will host its annual Senior Capstone Expo featuring projects centering around the theme of aging in place Friday (April 26) from noon to 2 p.m. at the Advanced Engineering Research Building.

WVU’s second annual Demo Day to embrace entrepreneurship and innovation

WVU will hold a university-wide celebration of the robust culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and design Thursday (April 25). Events will occur throughout the day where students, faculty and staff across various disciplines and colleges will showcase their innovative ideas, cutting-edge inventions, working prototypes, creative arts performances, fashion and design projects, landscape architecture, unique business ventures and more.

WVU researcher says black hole photo confirms long-held suspicions about gravity, light and galaxies

The first photo taken of a black hole underscores the astrophysics research happening at the Center for Gravitational Waves Cosmology at West Virginia University. Associate Professor Sarah Burke Spolaor is part of the WVU team that explores the origins of the universe and the fundamental processes involved in galaxy formation, stellar evolution and star formation through observations with telescopes across the electromagnetic and gravitational wave spectrum.

WVU expert calls new country music a major testament to musicians’ hard work and the role music plays in our everyday lives

American filmmaker Ken Burns will in 2019 release "Country Music," highlighting the history of the genre and chronicling the characters who created it. West Virginia University expert Travis Stimeling says Ken Burns’ 'Country Music' is a major testament to the important work of country musicians and to the role that country music has played in the lives of everyday people throughout the United States.