WVU engineer wins third R&D 100 award

A novel modeling and optimization framework intended to support the United States energy industry developed in part by a West Virginia University engineer has received global recognition for its capabilities to address the nation’s need for clean energy reliably and efficiently.

WVU engineers receive funding to improve methane sensor technology in longwall mines

Despite longwall mining being an efficient way of extracting coal, it produces dangerous methane gas that has the potential to lead to explosions in underground mines. Researchers from West Virginia University are combatting this issue by developing an improved methane monitoring network to increase the safety of longwall mines.

WVU engineers receive $3 million DOE award to capture emissions at shale gas production sites

A three-year collaborative project to develop a new low-cost process to convert the natural gas that is commonly flared at industrial sites could benefit a number of industrial sectors including the carbon fiber industry, carbon composite, electronics, electrical arc steel making, polymer additives and many others, all while having a positive effect on the economy and environment.