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West Virginia University statement on student's offensive social media post

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West Virginia University today (Feb. 12) issued the following statement regarding a student’s offensive social media post: 

West Virginia University officials are aware of a student's personal Snapchat social media post within the last several hours that uses inflammatory, racist language.

The use of such language by one of our students conflicts directly with our commitment to promoting an inclusive community of both tolerance and celebration of diversity.

The University has notified Snapchat and other platforms of the offensive nature of the video, and is communicating its support to the targeted individual. The University is also reviewing potential violations of the Student Code of Conduct.

The University takes seriously its responsibility to ensure a safe, inclusive environment for students, faculty, staff and community and strongly condemns the language used in the video. It does not reflect our Mountaineer values. The fraternity of which the student was a member has taken disciplinary action, which the University supports.

West Virginia University is committed to educating its community on the values of diversity and the need to respect all individuals.”



CONTACT: John A. Bolt; University Relations/Communications

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