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WVU statement on student job action at radio station

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WestVirginia University today (Dec. 7) issued the following statement regarding the actions undertaken by student workers at WWVU:

It is unfortunate that students at WWVU, West Virginia University’s student-run radio station, have resorted to a job action that has resulted in the station shutting down, an action which if it continues could jeopardize the station’s license.

The University has reached out to the students in recent days as they took their complaints to social media, meeting with key members of the group. They have been assured that the complaints, which are the basis of their action, are being taken seriously and investigated. However, within just a few hours after a productive and congenial meeting with Dean of Students Corey Farris, this decision to undertake a job action was acted on.

It is important to know that WVU has been aware of the students’ concerns regarding an issue related to the staffing at the station. However, WVU cannot comment on specifics regarding any possible investigation, including even confirming one exists.’

At West Virginia University, we stand as ONE MOUNTAINEER FAMILY. WVU will not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, domestic misconduct, stalking or retaliation. Our highest priority is to create an educational and workplace environment where everyone feels welcome, safe and free to express themselves.

WVU will continue to follow its policies and procedures to address any actions which would be considered contrary to this commitment. This process also includes taking any appropriate action upon the finding of a violation of any policy.

WVU encourages any member of our WVU family who believes they have relevant information related to the current WWVU matter, or any other, to file a complaint anytime online at or contact the Title IX office to provide relevant information which may aid the investigation.

Complaints may also be made in person at the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion located at the Suncrest Center, 1085 Van Voorhis Road, Suite 250, Morgantown, WV 26506, or by contacting James Goins Jr., Title IX coordinator/director of equity assurance, at or 304.293.5600. Anonymous reports may also be made to the 24/7 Equity Assurance Hotline at 304.906.9930.



CONTACT: John A. Bolt; University Relations/Communications

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