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WVU energy center hosting future global leaders

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James Van Nostrand
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Energy experts from two West Virginia University disciplines will meet with young leaders from around the world next week to explore future energy opportunities that also protect the environment.

The Atlantic Council’s Millennium Leaders Program will meet in Morgantown June 19 and 20 with WVU’s Center for Energy and Sustainable Development.

The group will tour a hydraulic fracturing well pad near Blacksville with WVU geology professor Tim Carr, who works to develop future energy resources the world will require, while protecting the environment, and the Longview Power Plant, one of the newest, most efficient and cleanest coal-fired power plants in the U.S., in Maidsville.    

“Shale energy has revolutionized energy production in the United States and West Virginia," Carr said. "We will show the participants through an immersive experience an active shale development site just outside of Morgantown that demonstrates best practices to maximize gas recovery and to minimize environmental implications of unconventional resource development.“  

West Virginia has led the way in the sustainable development of this energy resource, Carr continued. Shale gas has directly contributed to lower energy prices, increased economic activity and significantly reducing US greenhouse gas emissions, he said.  

“This is a very impressive group of international future leaders,” said James Van Nostrand, professor of law and director of the CESD. “Their visit provides WVU with a great opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and capabilities to a diverse group of young global trailblazers.”

Van Nostrand is involved in various energy and environment efforts in the state and the Appalachian region, offering objective, unbiased research and policy analyses, while promoting policies that strike a proper balance between the development of energy resources and protection of the environment.

The group will meet at the WVU College of Law where they will hear from Dean Gregory Bowman and environmental and energy experts Evan Hansen of Downstream Strategies and Karan Ireland of WV SUN.

Joyce McConnell, WVU Provost, will also meet with the Millennium Leaders, which includes government officials from Portugal, Taiwan, Ukraine and California; executives from Uber, PayPal and the World Resources Institute; a faculty member from American University in Beirut; an IBM research scientist; a U.S. diplomat; a former White House staffer; an international finance and investment advisor; a World Wildlife Fund director; energy data and security technology entrepreneurs; and international journalists.

About the Millennium Leaders Program

Organized by The Atlantic Council, the Millennium Leaders Program provides exceptional leaders aged 35 and under with unique opportunities to build a global network, engage directly with world leaders, develop key professional skills, and collaborate to have a global impact.

About The Atlantic Council

The Atlantic Council is a Washington, D.C.-based organization that promotes constructive leadership and engagement in international affairs based on the Atlantic Community's central role in meeting global challenges. Its missions is to shape policy choices and strategies to create a more secure and prosperous world.

About the Center for Energy and Sustainable Development

The Center for Energy and Sustainable Development at the WVU College of Law conducts objective, unbiased research and policy analyses providing a forum for issues to be explored by various stakeholders, and promotes policies that balance the demand for energy resources alongside the need to reduce environmental impacts.



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