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WVU delays setting tuition because of budget stalemate in Charleston

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A special meeting of the West Virginia University Board of Governors, called to set tuition and fees for the 2017-2018 academic year, lasted only a few minutes Friday (May 26) as uncertainty surrounding a state budget prevented decisions from being made. 

Chair Thomas V. Flaherty said, "The intent of this meeting was to review budget parameters and possible action related to tuition and fees," based on expected recommendations from the Board's Finance and Facilities and Revitalization Committee, which met earlier Friday. 

However, no recommendations were made, Committee Chairman David Alvarez said. 

“The budget is a work in progress for our June meeting," Alvarez said. "The state has not yet finalized its budget. Combined with the WVU Hospital System, we are the largest employer in this State. Without a state budget, it's a very difficult position we're in as a Board to finalize our work for next year.  We hope that the resolution will provide stability and a great investment in WVU.” 

"We'll continue to work through the process until we have more defined information," he said. 

The Legislature is currently in recess, and scheduled to return to work on June 5. The Board's next meeting is scheduled for June 16. The fiscal year begins July 1. 



CONTACT: John A. Bolt; University Relations/Communications

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