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Pandemic-Proof Artist showcases pandemic-inspired art

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Pandemic-Proof Artist Series speakers: (Top Left: Angela Harris, Top Right: Adam DeGraff, Bottom Left:Jad Abrumrad, Bottom Right: Jennifer Allen) (WVU Graphic)

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The phrase “the show must go on” has never been so important and simultaneously challenging. In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, the West Virginia University College of Creative Arts, in a joint effort with WVU Career Services and the Reed College of Media, will present the Pandemic-Proof Artist Series, which begins Wednesday(Sept. 16). The event consists of webinars and workshops by four guest artists, performers and other creatives who have stayed inspired during the pandemic.


“As we teach the next generation of creative artists at WVU, we want to equip them with the skills and tenacity to be able to make their art even under the most difficult circumstances. These four artists will be talking about the tools and perseverance they have used to stay "pandemic-proof." 

“Art, music, theatre, and dance - our humanity is expressed through these mediums. We all miss live performances and experiencing art together. We all have that "I can't wait to..." list. The person we want to hug, the restaurant where we want to dine, and the performance we want to go to with friends. All these things will be back soon, and the arts will continue to flourish with even more vibrancy, with new innovations created by artists and performers during this pandemic.” —Mikylah Myers, Assistant Dean of Student Artistic Achievement 


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Pandemic-Proof series page

Target audience:

  • Educators
  • Students
  • Innovative learners
  • Art enthusiasts
  • People who want to try something new



CONTACT: Mikylah Myers
Assistant Dean of Student Artistic Achievment
College of Creative Arts
304- 293-4534,

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