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WVU student researchers and lawmakers come together at Capitol

Undergraduate researchers from West Virginia University connected with policymakers at the Capitol in Charleston Friday (Feb. 10), providing an overview of the important work being done in dental care, mental health and substance use, and children’s health care during Undergraduate Research Day.

WVU-led initiative engages West Virginia youth in their communities

The West Virginia University School of Public Health and Health Sciences & Technology Academy are collaborating on a project that will engage trusted individuals in rural communities throughout the state and provide experiential learning opportunities for the next generation of health care professionals to improve health outcomes.

People with paranormal beliefs spooked by science and the COVID-19 vaccine, WVU sociologists suggest

Previous research has shown people with conservative religious beliefs are more likely to lack confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine, but most studies have observed only mainstream or institutionalized religious forms. WVU researchers were curious whether paranormal beliefs — beliefs in astrology and spirits, for instance — would be associated with a similar lack of confidence.