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Dead stars cast long shadows: WVU astronomer hunts for glowing ghosts of supernovas

Loren Anderson, a professor in the West Virginia University Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, said studying remnants of supernovas — the violent explosions that occur when massive stars die — is essential for understanding the properties and dynamics of our galaxy but, so far, only a relatively low number have been detected.

WVU forensics lab cracks case on newer, ‘greener’ gunshot residue

Discoveries by West Virginia University forensic scientists about how gunshot residue behaves on skin, hair and fabric will allow crime scene investigators to catch up to the proliferation of new, eco-friendly types of ammunition and make faster, more informed decisions at crime scenes and in forensic laboratories.

WVU student researchers and lawmakers come together at Capitol

Undergraduate researchers from West Virginia University connected with policymakers at the Capitol in Charleston Friday (Feb. 10), providing an overview of the important work being done in dental care, mental health and substance use, and children’s health care during Undergraduate Research Day.