WVU doctors and nurses work together to get tonsillectomy patients home faster

After having their tonsils removed, patients often can't leave the hospital for six hours, even if they bounce back from surgery sooner. Hospital policy commonly mandates a six-hour recovery time. But research led by Habib Zalzal, a resident in the West Virginia University School of Medicine, suggests that not all tonsillectomy patients have to wait that long.

WVU report links fentanyl use to amnesia

A case report by a West Virginia University neuropsychologist suggests a new reason fentanyl-alone, or in combination with stimulants-may put substance users at risk, whether they take it knowingly or not. It may cause amnesia.

WVU research examines a different culprit behind Alzheimer's disease

Amyloid plaques have long been believed to be an indicator of neurodegenerative disease. But according to Raymond Anderson, a graduate student in West Virginia University's School of Medicine, such buildup alone does not correlate with disease severity. In fact, these buildups may even protect neurons.

Alumni, faculty, students to appear in inaugural TEDx WVU

West Virginia University alumni, faculty and students will take the stage in March as part of the first campus TEDx Talk. Themed "Leading with Hope in a Changing World," the full-day conference will feature culturally relevant topics and boasts a line-up of locally high-brow influencers.