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Health Research

WVU-led team to build a bridge to better health using A.I.

Quality healthcare transcends the medical profession, as evidenced by a new project led by West Virginia University that includes not only health experts but engineers, a physicist, a lawyer and a business data analyst.

Live music may relax, alleviate pain in pediatric patients, new research from WVU suggests

Lullabies may do more than help babies get to sleep when they’re cozy in their cribs at home. A new study led by Hannah Bush—a WVU School of Medicine researcher—found that lullabies performed live by a licensed music therapist may alleviate the pain and anxiety of pediatric patients in critical care. Her study is the first to focus on live music intervention for children—rather than adults—on life support.

WVU researchers aim to make identifying autism easier via A.I.

Characterizing an autism patient’s behavior can be challenging, but these West Virginia University researchers aim to make identification easier by conducting the first systematic study toward autism spectrum disorder phenotyping using behavior-tracking technology.

WVU awarded NIH grant to integrate HIV, hepatitis C and opioid-use-disorder care

Because injecting drugs increases someone’s risk of getting hepatitis C or HIV, the surge of the viruses in West Virginia is bound up with the opioid crisis. To address this problem, WVU researcher Judith Feinberg is working to integrate services for opioid use disorder, hepatitis C and HIV in 20 primary care clinics across the state. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has awarded the project more than $6.6 million.