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WVU issues Community Notice on increased bicycle thefts

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The West Virginia University Police Department is issuing a Community Notice advising bicyclists to take extra steps to secure their bicycles following a recent increase in thefts.

Over the past month, UPD has received nine reports of stolen bicycles. Four of these reports occurred this past weekend on the Evansdale area of campus, outside of Oakland Hall and Braxton Tower. The prior reported thefts occurred outside of College Park and University Park.

Most victims indicated the thefts occurred sometime overnight, after securing the bicycle to one of the bike racks located outside of the residential areas. UPD is currently investigating these incidents by reviewing surveillance video and utilizing innovative investigative techniques to identify and arrest the suspect(s) involved.

One of the reported stolen bikes was quickly tracked and recovered via the victims’ Apple AirTag, leading to one suspect being arrested. UPD strongly suggests concealing an AirTag or similar device on your bike, when possible, to increase the likelihood of recovery.   

While preventing theft is never a guarantee, here are some tips to protect your bike and increase your chances of recovery, if it is stolen:

     ·      Instead of securing your bike with a cable lock, use a high-quality U-Lock to secure your bike to one of the designated bike racks. U-Locks are harder to cut than traditional cable locks.

     ·      Avoid securing your bike to sign poles or other objects as they are not as secure as bike racks.

     ·      Lock your wheel and frame together to the bike rack.

     ·      Conceal an Apple AirTag or similar GPS tracking device on your bike. There are multiple custom holders available online for this purpose.

     ·      When possible, do not park your bike outside for extended periods of time.

     ·      Take a clear photo of your bike and document the serial number. UPD offers bicycle registration services to track down stolen bikes.

     ·      Report any suspicious activity or individuals carrying or concealing bolt cutters or other cutting tools to WVUPD.

     ·       If your bike is stolen, report the incident immediately to UPD at 304-293-COPS (2677).

     ·      Download the LiveSafe app for direct, two-way communication with UPD.

West Virginia University Resources:

     ·       WVU Police Department – 911 | (304) 293-2677 | (304) 293-3136

     ·       WVU CARE Team

     ·       WVU Carruth Center – (304) 293-4431

     ·       WVU Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – (304) 293-5600

     ·       WVU Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities – (304) 293-8111

     ·       WVU Faculty and Staff Assistance Program – (304) 293-5590

     ·       WVU Rape and Domestic Violence Information Center – (304) 292-5100

     ·       WVU Office of Campus and Community Life – (304) 293-5611

     ·       WVU Student Health – (304) 285-7200

     ·       WVU Division of Student Life – (304) 293-5811

Health, safety, preparedness and training resources are posted at and are also available at

Students and employees are encouraged to follow the WVU Safety and Wellness Facebook page as well as @WVUsafety and @WVUalert on X, formerly known as Twitter.

A Community Notice is part of the University’s three-tiered emergency notification system used to enhance student and employee safety and provide useful information to the community.



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