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WVU Online offers new Winter Intersession, Dec 14-Jan 4

Winter online

Students can now take an online course during winter break. 

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WVU students looking to make the most of their upcoming winter break can now take an online course during WVU Online’s new “Winter Intersession,” Dec. 14-Jan. 4.

With this accelerated format, students can earn up to three credits in just three weeks.

Registration is going on now and is available at

Whether you are looking to fit that extra course into your schedule, boost your GPA, get caught up, get ahead, or fulfill scholarship or financial aid requirements, the Winter Intersession offers a flexible, online environment.

“WVU Online is pleased to give students an opportunity to earn additional credits during a down time on campus,” said WVU Online Dean Keith Bailey. “Students who are looking to quickly earn credits in a GEF, or those wanting to lessen their Spring 2018 academic course load, would benefit from taking a Winter Intersession course.

“Winter Intersession allows students to satisfy degree requirements while helping them move towards graduation.” 

Courses available during the Winter Intersession include: 

Communication Studies 305: Appreciation of Motion Pictures (3 credits)

Film 101: The Art of Film 1 (3 credits)

History 153: Making Modern America: 1865-Present (3 credits)

Human Nutrition and Foods 171: Introduction to Human Nutrition (3 credits)

Humanities 101: Intro-Western Civilization (3 credits)

Music 100: Music Fundamentals (1 credit)

Music 111: Introduction to Music (3 credits)

Physical Education 124: Fitness Walking (1 credit) 

Philosophy 130: Current Moral Problems (3 credits) 

Religious Studies 102: Introduction to World Religions (3 credits) 

Sport and Exercise Psychology 271: Sport in American Society (3 credits) 

Sociology 101: Introduction to Sociology (3 credits)

Tuition for all the online courses is $349 per hour, regardless of residency of the student.

Students may only take one course during Winter Intersession and must be in good academic standing. Approval is required. Those with questions, or who need approval, should call WVU Online at 1.800.253.2762.

For more information, see the website at or follow WVU Online on Facebook or on Twitter at @WVUonline.


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