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Riffon named WVU interim director of WVU’s Office of Veteran Affairs


Steve Riffon has been appointed interim director of the Office of Veterans Affairs at WVU.

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Steve Riffon, a retired U.S. Air Force captain, has been appointed the interim director of the Office of Veterans Affairs at West Virginia University, effective Nov. 1.

Simultaneously, the University administration has created a President’s Action Group for Veterans, to be headed by WVU Alumni Association President and CEO Sean Frisbee, a retired USAF colonel, to review current outreach to veterans across the system.

The group, which will include representatives from WVU Talent and Culture, Student Life, Academic Affairs, alumni, faculty and staff, will be an ongoing effort to drive changes, including structural and organizational, that will be presented and acted upon by the president and University administration.

“Although we have often been recognized for supporting veterans, both in the classroom and workplace, it’s still important that we review all that we do for veterans, whether they are students, students receiving veterans’ benefits, staff or faculty,” said Student Life Dean Corey Farris. “We want to make sure we reach any and everyone who would want to come to WVU in any capacity.”

The Office of WVU Veteran Affairs currently resides in Student Life.

“Veterans don't ask for special treatment, yet they have given us liberty, refuge and pride in the greatest nation on earth, an invaluable contribution to America,” said Frisbee, whose role will be expanded to include becoming senior veterans advisor to the president. “Now, we have the opportunity to advance our programs at WVU to help our veterans with their future.”

Riffon, who previously worked in WVU’s financial aid office before retiring in 2015, said, “When I was ‘active military,’ my commanding officers always said: God, country and family, in that order, and when you say country, I think veterans, too, so I’m glad to give up my retirement to help the veterans.”



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