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Alsop, Congelio to begin new roles Aug. 1

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Rob Alsop will officially begin his new role as West Virginia University’s vice president for strategic initiatives effective Tuesday (Aug. 1).

Alsop, previously vice president for legal, government and entrepreneurial engagement, will expand his role and serve as the new vice president for strategic initiatives upon the retirement of Narvel Weese as vice president of administration and finance. Weese will support the transition and serve as a special advisor to President Gordon Gee effective Aug. 1, until his official retirement on Oct. 1, culminating a 37-year career in financial management at the university.

Consistent with the transition, Paula Congelio, associate vice president and chief financial officer for WVU Health Sciences, will expand her duties and serve as vice president and chief financial officer for the University also beginning Tuesday (Aug. 1), overseeing all financial and budget matters, as well as continuing to oversee financial and related matters for the Health Sciences Center.

Congelio will report to Alsop and continue her current reporting relationship to Clay Marsh, vice president for the WVU Health Sciences Center and executive dean for the School of Medicine

In his new expanded role as the vice president for strategic initiatives, Alsop said he is eager to listen, collaborate and engage with University partners to advance the University’s priorities and encourage operational change.

“Our goal is to solidify and identify resources to encourage excellence in all of WVU’s aspects,” he said. “We need to continue to create a transparent and strategic budgeting process; understand how our finance, facilities, talent and culture and other administrative areas can better provide service excellence; and re-imagine how administrative functions of the University operate with focus on performance and providing enhanced support.”

Alsop is responsible for identifying, developing and managing sustainable resources and initiatives that support academic, research and service excellence. His expanded responsibilities include financial, budgeting, talent and culture and facilities while still maintaining oversight of corporate and government relations and continuing innovation and entrepreneurship efforts.

Stephanie Taylor, who as general counsel is the University’s chief legal officer, will report directly to the president; she previously reported to Alsop. 

As the vice president for strategic initiatives, Alsop announced Tuesday (Aug. 1) several appointments as part of a restructuring of many of the departments gathered under the unit.

Cynthia Sweet will coordinate and lead the University’s federal, state, and local government relations efforts, in addition to her current duties for corporate relations. Sweet will continue to report to Alsop and serve as the associate vice president for corporate and government relations. 

Erin Newmeyer will also serve as the director of communications and marketing for strategic initiatives. She will work collaboratively with Alsop and University Relations to determine the strategic marketing and communications goals and priorities, develop and execute tactics to achieve those goals.

“This restructuring furthers President Gee’s commitment to make the University more agile and responsive,” Alsop said. “By reorganizing internally, we are able to transition seamlessly.”



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