800 and Counting for Bob Huggins

Bob Huggins’ basketball teams don’t lose that often, but when they do - particularly during the holidays - that’s when Dr. Jekyll turns into Mr. Huggins, the dual-personality coach his early Cincinnati players used to call him.

Psychologist explores connection between child abuse and mortality risk in women

A West Virginia University researcher is investigating links between child abuse and mortality risk in women. Co-author on a recent study linking self-reported child abuse to death in women, assistant professor of psychology Nicholas Turiano is investigating why childhood misfortune, such as child abuse, could cause deaths in women sooner than men.

Sandy Hook shooting prompts in-depth examination of rural police officers' gun control views

The 2012 school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which claimed 28 lives - 20 of those children - motivated WVU professor Rachael Woldoff to investigate rural police officers' views on gun control. The study is called "Unpacking Heat: Dueling Identities and Complex Views on Gun Control among Rural Police" and is the first to explore gun control views of rural U.S. police officers.

Retired WVU professors establish scholarships to enhance student experience

Drs. Lynne and Andy Ostrow understand the value of education. As West Virginia University faculty members, the duo each spent 35 years helping students achieve their dreams at the University. Now, they are taking that passion for education one step further by providing $50,000 for scholarships at WVU.

WVU professor earns NEH fellowship to create the first historical record of 'Nashville Sound'

Travis Stimeling, an assistant professor of music history in the School of Music in the College of Creative Arts at West Virginia University has received a $50,400 fellowship from the National Endowment of the Humanities to chronicle the history of musicians and record production in Nashville between 1955 and 1973, known as country music's "Nashville Sound" era.