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WVU experts available for comment throughout legislative session

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West Virginia University experts are available to media members for expert comment on topics that affect state residents, both in response to the State of the State document and throughout the 2022 legislative session.

This list is supplemented by WVUToday’s Expert Database.


John Deskins: Director, WVU Bureau of Business and Economic Research.

Brian Lego: Research assistant professor, WVU Bureau of Business and economic research.

Danny Twilley: Assistant dean, Brad and Alys Smit Outdoor Economic Development Collaborative. Talent attraction and retention, outdoor community development, outdoor recreation asset development, business development, workforce development.

William Franko: Assistant professor, political science. Causes and consequences of political and economic inequality. 304-293-3811;

Heather Stephens: Assistant professor of resource economics and management. Effect of policies across regions, energy, environmental and regional economics.


Erin McHenry-Sorber: Associate professor, education. West Virginia’s educator shortage, educational policy, rural schools and communities. 304-293-2090;

Matthew Campbell: Associate professor, education. Teacher recruitment and retention, teacher education and development. 304-293-4714; 


Carrie Rishel: Director, professor, Rural Integrated Behavioral Health Training Program. Mental health, social work. 304-293-6377;


Dr. Judith Feinberg: Professor, infectious diseases. Substance misuse, harm reduction, opioid overdose. Cassie Thomas is the contact for Dr. Feinberg. 304-293-5255;

Frankie Tack: Clinical assistant professor, mental health and addiction studies. Effects of opioid addicted parents on public school students and the additional skills and resources classroom teachers need. 304-293-5703;


Dr. Thomas Bias: Associate professor, health policy, management and leadership. State and local public health policy, policy evaluation. Nikky Luna is the contact for Dr. Bias. 304-293-1699;

Valarie Blake: Professor, health care law. Intersections between health care delivery and ethics along with how increasing state and federal regulation of health care financing and delivery will impact chronic disease, health insurance and professionalism in medicine. 814-243-7813;


Dr. Lisa Costello: Assistant professor, pediatric medicine. Pediatric immunizations. Cassie Thomas is the contact for Dr. Martinez. 304-293-3412;

Dr. Ivan Martinez: Associate professor, microbiology, immunology, cell biology. Immunology. Cassie Thomas is the contact for Dr. Martinez. 304-293-3412;


James Van Nostrand: Professor, College of Law. Energy and regulated industries, environmental law, emissions trading, administrative law. 304-777-6050;

Patrick McGinley: Professor, College of Law. Environmental, administrative, land use and natural resources, constitutional law and environmental justice. 304-552-2631;

Samuel Workman: Director, professor, Institute for Policy Research and Public Affairs. Policy research, public affairs. 304-293-4611;

Chris Plein: Professor, public administration. Public policy formation and implementation, effects of welfare reform and state health policy. 304-293-7974;

Karen Kunz: Associate professor, public administration. Public administration, public budgeting, economic fiscal policy, political economy, financial markets regulation. 304-293-7972;

John Kilwein Associate professor, political science. Judicial politics, public law, public policy. 304-293-9576;


Hota GangaRao: Wadsworth Professor, Director Constructed Facilities Center.  Infrastructure, bridges. 304-293-9986; 

David Martinelli: Professor, Wadsworth Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Infrastructure management, transportation planning. 304-293-9936;

West Virginia University experts can provide commentary, insights and opinions on various news topics. Search for an expert by name, title, area of expertise, or college/school/department in the Experts Database at WVU Today.



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