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High school students gain ‘ACCESS’ to college through WVU program

Group of high school students sitting and desks and looking at laptops.

A group of high school students participate in West Virginia University’s High School ACCESS program. (WVU Photo)

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What’s the News?

As Gen Zers consider what their futures hold in a post-pandemic world, the majority of high school students who are considering college now value affordability, community and an immediate career path over the student experience – and hundreds are earning credits toward their degree by taking college-level coursework through the West Virginia University High School ACCESS program. 

For $25 per credit hour, sophomores, juniors and seniors can take courses online, at WVU’s main campus or in select high schools that offer dual enrollment. The program, open to anyone eligible nationwide, also empowers students to test the waters before committing to college.

Students, parents and educators at Uniontown Area High School are recognizing the value of WVU’s High School Access program just up the road from WVU’s flagship campus. So much so that a local Uniontown family has awarded scholarship aid for eligible UAHS students to participate in WVU’s program this summer.


“I am currently finishing my 10th grade year, and I plan to seek a major in mathematics education in college. I wanted to explore college level work because I had taken all of the math that my high school had to offer, and I wanted to continue to pursue math knowledge. WVU HS ACCESS has allowed me to continue to learn about the subjects that interest me. In addition to just math classes, I have also been able to explore music history and creative writing!” - Malcolm Patton, sophomore, Uniontown Area High School.

“The decision to participate in the WVU HS ACCESS program wasn’t very tough. I have always been inclined to further my education, so I’ve intended to go to college for a while now. Because each credit costs only twenty-five dollars, this is an opportunity that I feel I need to make the most of. It will save time and money later in life, so it’s truly a win-win situation. In addition, I’ve been told that the class I’m taking, Math 121, will help prepare me for important tests during my high school career. With that understanding, whether or not to apply for HS ACCESS was hardly a question at all.” - Christian DeVincent, sophomore, Uniontown Area High School

“The WVU HS Access program provides a great opportunity for students to learn and grow outside the normal high school setting. After the most unconventional school year, I'm so impressed with the students who made this commitment to their education and look forward to more students taking advantage of this in the coming years.” - Courtney Baker, UAHS Librarian and Gifted Education Support Teacher who has encouraged students to participate in the program.

“When we were introduced to the program, by a parent and HS ACCESS coordinator, Rishira Dille, we were excited to see the opportunity that it offered our students. Not only are they able to begin to compile college credits, but the benefits of experiencing the culture of a major university are immeasurable.”- Robert Manges and Heather Sefcheck, Principals, Uniontown Area High School


WVU High School ACCESS website

WVU High School ACCESS Informational Video

Target Audience

·High school students


·Prospective college students



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