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WVU announces new initiatives to better align Fraternity and Sorority Life community with University values

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Sorority members participate in a Day of Service.

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What’s the news?

The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life has announced a series new initiative aimed at diversity and cultural awareness, academic achievement, personal growth and alumni engagement as part of new community standards known as Reaching the Summit. Reaching the Summit was adopted in 2018 to serve as a strategic plan to better align each Greek organization with the University’s values.

Quotes and Comments
“We’re all excited to introduce new and innovative things that will advance our community. For the longest time, we’ve been reactionary to matters of behavior; now, we can focus on the individual development of our members and provide our students with new benefits of their membership in our recognized groups.” — Matthew Richardson, Director of the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life

Summit Standards initiatives launched this semester:

• Greek Leadership Academy — Multi-week leadership development series that will focus on advancing core competencies of risk management, chapter development and relationship building.

• Greek Honors Program – Program that will acknowledge Greek students and collective recognized chapters for high academic achievement each semester.

• Greeks “Get Real” Program — Life-skills building program that will focus on financial literacy, career development, interpersonal relationships and self-care.

• Personal Integrity Leads to Lifelong Authentic Relationships initiative — PILLARS is a student-run task force that will engage members on the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion.

• PreventZone Hazing Prevention Software — All new members will be required to complete an online education program on hazing prevention through the PreventZone education portal.

• Greek Alumni Hall of Fame — Honors five alumni members of fraternities and sororities each year for meritorious service in their respective industries and organizations.

Target audiences
Current and former members of the Greek community
Current and prospective WVU students
Parents of prospective students
WVU faculty and staff
Greater Morgantown community



Contact: Matthew Richardson
Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life

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