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ServiceScape scholarship winner Nick Summerlin highlights his skills outside of engineering

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Taking inspiration from Robert Frost’s, “Fire and Ice,” and Abraham Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address,” Nick Summerlin, a freshman engineering student at West Virginia University, blends his passion for poetry and photography with his future profession to create a different view of the world.

Quotes and comments:

“I really enjoy being able to create in that way, and just seeing the results and how I’ve improved over the years. I feel like I can express myself through [photography and poetry] and just kind of find my own little niche where I feel that I’m kind of contributing to and getting my own perspective on things.” —Nick Summerlin, Morgantown

“I feel that [photography and poetry] helps me because it allows me to kind of just view things in a different way and kind of see them in a way that is appealing to the eye. With projects I’m kind of looking more at small details and how that looks and—when it comes to looks it can kind of add to performance as well. I’ve always been passionate about photography and arts and everything, and then having that side of it has helped me to mix the two together. I feel like the things I learn in engineering are focusing my ideas and the creativity I have with photography and poetry and they all kind of mix together.” —Nick Summerlin, Morgantown


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