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WVU student race team receives award from DENSO Foundation

Nine men stand in front of a building showcasing the race car that they built

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What’s the News?

West Virginia University’s Formula SAE Mountaineer Racing Team, which provides opportunities for students to gain broader insight into the engineering profession, will enhance its mission through a $30,000 award from the DENSO North America Foundation. The grant money will be used to develop an engine powertrain dynamometer testing facility used to test, tune, and enhance the team’s racing engines and transmissions. 

Quotes & Comments:
“The Mountaineer Racing Formula SAE team is honored that our proposal was selected and funded by the DENSO North America Foundation. I am proud of the hard work and dedication that my students devoted to writing a competitive grant proposal. We are grateful to the DENSO North America Foundation for sponsoring the WVU Formula SAE racing program. The grant will greatly enhance the competitiveness of the team.” — Scott Wayne, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and faculty advisor of the team

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