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WVU sponsors ‘Merit Badge University’ for Scouts across the state and region

WVU student recreation center with Merit Badge University and flying WV logos over top of the image

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WHO: Merit Badge University at West Virginia University

WHAT: Kids, ages 11-17, take classes for an on-campus experience at “Merit Badge University”

WHEN: Saturday (Feb 9) from 8 a.m. - 5:30 a.m.

WHERE: West Virginia University Student Rec Center

West Virginia University will host more than 325 Boy and Girl Scouts from six states Saturday (Feb 9) for an on-campus experience at “Merit Badge University.” This day-long event is both educational and fun-filled. With headquarters at the WVU Rec Center, MBU@WVU provides a taste of college life to middle and high school youth, including rides on the PRT.

Find out more about MBU@WVU on their web site.



CONTACT: Dr. Dan McNeil, Professor of Psychology


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