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WVU engineering student wins first place in Green Entrepreneur Competition


Hassan Ul Banna, second from left, with his teammates after the competition. 

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What’s the news?
A West Virginia University student and his international team are working to develop a new source of natural gas that would allow local production. By-products of the source materials—wheat straw, mushrooms and beans—could be used as fertilizer, making the product both environmentally friendly and sustainable. Hasan Ul Banna, an electrical engineering student, and his team won first place at the third annual Student Congress hosted by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and Power and Energy Society for their innovative idea.

Quotes and comments
"We proposed the idea of producing natural gas by utilizing wheat straws and growing mushrooms and beans on top of these straws. Wheat straws have a unique water retention property. On the other hand, bacteria in the roots of beans plant plays a vital role in the fermentation process. The by-products obtained during this fermentation can be utilized as fertilizers and hence would also contribute in balancing out the cost of this gas production process." –Hasan Ul Banna

“I was not expecting to win and can’t begin to explain how amazing this experience was. The competition provided me an excellent opportunity to meet fellow students, entrepreneurs and industry members and to also work in tandem with international colleagues in solving a problem that is very pressing for not only developing countries but also developed countries. I am grateful for the opportunity.” — Hasan Ul Banna

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VIDEO: Hasan Ul Banna discusses the project idea (0:33)

VIDEO: Hasan Ul Banna discusses the project (0:35)

VIDEO: Hasan Ul Banna discussesthe transportation of gas (0:19)

Target audiences
WVU students
International students
Incoming college students
Agricultural entrepreneurs



CONTACT: Mary C. Dillon, Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources