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WVU’s Department of English’s West Virginia Dialect Project launches ‘WVU Voices’ documentary

Hazen, McFarland feature

Kirk Hazen, professor of linguistics and Mary Kay McFarland, professor of journalism. 

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What’s the news?
West Virginia University is a diverse campus for students who come from all 55 counties in West Virginia, all 50 states and more than 100 different countries. To celebrate that diversity, linguistics professor Kirk Hazen and journalism professor Mary Kay McFarland have created WVU Voices, a mini-documentary that highlight the many dialects and languages found on campus.

Quotes and Comments
“When you look at someone’s dialect, you’re looking at someone’s home language. Someone’s cultural heritage. And to speak badly of it, is to really criticize someone’s home.” – Kirk Hazen, Professor of Linguistics. 

“(W)hen you hear all of these different accents and languages and expressions of culture what you really hear is like a symphony. And when everyone is speaking together, that symphony is quite beautiful.” –Provost Joyce McConnell

Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

Kirk Hazen

Provost Joyce McConnell

Mary Kay McFarland

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WVU Voices (WVU)

Target Audiences
International students

Language majors

English majors

WVU students

Linguistics professors

Students interested in study abroad

High school English teachers

High school students


Contact: Katlin Swisher, Communications and Marketing
Eberly College of Arts and Sciences