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WVU’s Statler College to host Senior Design Expo

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WHAT: Students in the Statler College of Engineering and MineralResources at West Virginia University will learn how to communicate critical aspects of technical projects during the annual Senior Design Expo. Students will demonstrate their capstone projects and answer questions from attendees related to their devices. More than 20 capstone projects, including a language translation device, smart refrigerator and class attendance app, will be exhibited.  

WHEN: Monday, December 4, noon- to 2 p.m.

WHERE: Advanced Engineering Research Building

NOTES: One project, called Phonix Smart Glasses, aims to make translation and interpretation easier for those within the deaf community. Using Google Cloud services, Phonix Smart Glasses capture audio around the user, convert it to text and transfers the data back to the device via Bluetooth. The device also has the ability to translate the audio into other languages.

Stephen Woerner, a computer science major from Morgantown, partnered will fellow student Jason Schafer, a computer science major from Fairmont, to transform their class project into a full-fledged business. With help with WVU’s Launch Lab, the pair recently established 3WM Software LLC and have filed for a provisional patent for their design project. 

On Site Contact: Brittany Furbee
Statler College Public Relations Specialist 



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