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New scholarship created in Dr. Carolyn Atkins name to provide funds for Student Athletes Speak Out program

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Dr. Carolyn Atkins
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What’s the news?

West Virginia University’s popular “Student Athletes Speak Out” program is getting new support because of a chance note from an alumnus that said, “Carolyn-endow scholarship.” The Dr. Carolyn Atkins Scholarship will provide funds to SASO, which is teaching student athletes the importance of public speaking and sharing personal stories of personal motivation to West Virginia middle schoolers and the Mountaineer community.

Quotes and Comments

“My wife really understood the importance of speaking extemporaneously with a group and having the ability to interview with poise, so she was a huge supporter of Carolyn and her work with student athletes.” –Francis McGreevy, WVU alumnus and founder of the Dr. Carolyn Atkins Scholarship.

“My satisfaction comes from seeing my former students excel in communication.  And I doubt that any of them envisioned themselves as public speakers before they took the class.”  –Dr. Carolyn Peluso Atkins, Professor and Directors of Undergraduate Programs in Speech Pathology and Audiology.


Link to original story:

“After surprise discovery, alumnus establishes CEHS scholarship”

Dr. Carolyn Peluso Atkins, Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs in Speech Pathology and Audiology

Student Athletes Speak Out

Target Audiences


Student athletes



Parents of student athletes 


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