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Statler College to host Growing Roots in STEM, Engineering Around the World Challenge Camps

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 WHAT:  The Statler College will host two Engineering Challenge Camps the weeks of June 25. Growing Roots in STEM, a camp for female high school students, will give campers the opportunity to design and build hands-on engineering projects, tour industry facilities and work in teams and with professionals to learn about career paths and opportunities within STEM. Engineering Around the World, for middle school-aged children, will take campers from Japan to India to Brazil as they explore bridge building, dam construction and wind turbines.


June 26, noon, 205 Mineral Resources Building

Problem-Solving Activity: Human Tank

Led by Camp Counselors

Campers will work as a team to build a “human tank” using newspaper and masking tape. All of the team members have to fit inside the tread and have to work together to move it forward. This will be a competition between teams.

June 27, 1 p.m., B27 Engineering Sciences Building

Biomedical Activity: Physiological Response Measurement

Led by Robin Hissam, teaching assistant professor, chemical and biomedical engineering

Campers will design simple experiments and use sensors and biomedical tools to measure how their bodies react to the experiments.

June 28, 11 a.m., Ground Floor, Mineral Resources Building

Flow Lab Activity

Led by Ilkin Bilgesu, associate professor, petroleum and natural gas engineering

Campers will learn about flow measurement and run real-life scenarios in the rig-floor simulator lab as they learn skills used by petroleum and natural gas engineers.

June 29, 11 a.m., 109 Mineral Resources Building

Artificial Join Activity

Led by Camp Counselors

Campers will design an artificial knee joint using household materials. They will test them in various scenarios such as kicking a ball and squatting.

HIGHLIGHTED ACTIVITIES: Engineering Around the World

June 27, 10 a.m., Location TBD

Intro to Computer/Electrical Engineering and Mini Project: 3D Printing

Led by Camp Counselors

Campers will use Tinkercad, an online 3D drawing program, to design an object that will later be  printed on a 3D printer. Campers will also learn how 3D printers work by watching demonstrations on our Makerbot 3D printers.

June 28, 3 p.m., Location TBD

Oasis of the Seas: Boat Construction

Led by Camp Counselors

Campers will design a boat that must cross a pre-determined distance. They will have limited materials, and will have to decide what method they’ll use to propel their team’s boat. 

Complete camp agendas can be found online at

WVU’s Engineering Challenge Camps are co-sponsored by the Statler College and EQT, and are sponsored in part by Halliburton and Eaton.