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WVU well-represented at 14th Annual Undergraduate Research Day

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CONTACT:  Dr. Michelle Richards-Babb

WVU well-represented at 14th Annual Undergraduate Research Day

MORGANTOWN, W. Va. —Some of the brightest college students in West Virginia will display their work at the 14th Annual Undergraduate Research Day at the State Capitol Friday (Feb. 24). Students from 14 colleges and universities will participate, including 53 students from West Virginia University who will present in 39 posters.

WHAT: Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol is an annual event designed to show legislators and the community the exciting and groundbreaking work that is conducted at state colleges and universities.

WHEN: Friday, Feb. 24, 8:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.

WHERE: The West Virginia State Capitol Rotunda, Charleston

WHO: The event is organized by the WVU Office of Undergraduate Research in collaboration with the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, Marshall University, and West Virginia State University

The following WVU students are participating. For details on their presentations, see the full abstract at

WV Fife and Drum in Music Education
Brianna Busch (Maryland)

Modeling, Simulation and Control of a Supercritical Coal-fired Power Plant for Smart Grid Applications
Jacob Douglas (Putnam County)

Discovery of Soot Formation Pathways via Reactive Molecular Dynamics
Elijah Hedrick (Putnam County)

Light Extraction Efficiency Enhancement of III-V Nitride Based LEDs through Periodic Plasmonic Structures
Catherine O'Hearn (Upshur County)

Modeling Vibrio in Estuarine Environment: Remote Sensing and in-situ Implications
Stephen Cavanaugh (Pennsylvania)

Energy Efficiency Recommendations for Morgantown City Buildings
Zela Wyrosdick

Mountaineer Mercury Rover
Nicholas Mireles (Virginia), David-Michael Buckman (Berkeley County), and Devyn Gentzyel (Alabama)

Liberation by Fine Grinding in Mineral Processing
Chad Martin (Maryland)

An Innovative Approach to Solving Traffic Congestion at Morgantown’s Busiest Crossroads: The Mountainlair
David Donaldson (Monongalia County)

High Fructose Corn Syrup-55 Promotes Triglyceride Accumulation and Alters Fat Metabolism in the Liver
Sundus Lateef (Monongalia County)

Brain Trauma and MicroRNAs
Sara Nayeem (Monongalia County)

Leukemia in the Bone Marrow Microenvironment
Patrick Thomas (Putnam County)

Identifying Differential Gene Expression in Cytotoxic T Cells Induced by B16F0 Melanoma Exosomes
Cassidy Bland (Brooke County)

Harnessing In Vivo Biochemical and Biomechanical Cues for Stem Cell Biomanufacturing
Anna Gilpin (Berkeley County)

Commensal Microbiota in the Intestine Influence Immunity to a Vaccine
Savannah Austen (Ohio County) and Brittany Fulbright (Ohio County) 

Low-dose Wearable PET imaging during Ambulatory Motion in Humans
Nanda Siva (Wood County)

Mitochondrial miRNAs: Novel Disease-Modifying Therapeutic Targets in Alzheimer’s Disease
Pooja Ajay Warrier (Monongalia County) and Emily Hone

Middle-Aged WVn’s Perspectives Regarding Healthful Eating and Weight Management
Ashley Gousios (Illinois)

Electronic Cigarette Expectancies in Adolescents: Differences as a Function of Use
Hayley Harman (Monongalia County)

Mobile Health (mHealth) Use, or Non-Use, by Residents of WV
Alexis Popa (Ohio)

Integrating WV-Based Music into the State K-8 Social Studies Curriculum
Alexandra Mullins (Kanawha County)

Economic Warfare to Humanitarian Relief: Great Britain during the Napoleonic Era
Lauren Griffin (Tennessee)

Court of Chancery and Material Culture
Morgan McMinn (Roane County)

A Stilted Shift: The Southern Vowel Shift in Midland Appalachia
Olivia Grunau (Monongalia County), Krislin Nuzum (Harrison County), and Janelle Vickers (Marshall County)

A Search for Fast Radio Bursts in Archival Green Bank Telescope Drift Scan Data
Anika Rowe (Kanawha County)

Examining Growth, HPI Axis Hormone Expression, and Locomotion in Zebrafish gs homeobox 1 Mutants
Sarah Peterson (Putnam County)

The Significance of Sodalis pheA Towards the Metabolic Integration of Tsetse Symbiosis
Hunter White (Kanawha County)

Computational Characterization of Cell Membrane Interactions with pH (Low) Insertion Peptide (pHLIP)
Austin Clark (Kanawha County), Zachary Bonham (Monongalia County) and Jaycie Saseen (Randolph County)

Materials Science and Engineering Collaboration- WVU & The University of Crete (FORTH)
Jared Beard (Monongalia County), Garrett Wotring (Monongalia County) and Chandler Williams (Kanawha County)

Leaf Angle Variability within an Oak-Hickory Forest
Christopher King (Maryland)

High Tunnels: Starting from the Ground Up
James McClain (Harrison County)

Minimal Noise-Induced Stabilization of One-Dimensional Diffusions
Tony Allen (Putnam County), Emily Gebhardt, and Adam Kluball

The Effects of Changes in Reinforcer Magnitude in Resurgence
Matthew Klocke (Monongalia County)

A Life Not Your Own
Ashton McKinney (Fayette County)

Examining the Association between Unhealthy Eating Behaviors and Depressive Symptoms in Adolescence
Brooke Cottrill (Harrison County)

A Review on Efficacy versus Effectiveness in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
Cassandra Drain (Virginia), Hannah Coffey (Berkeley County), and Emma Veshecco (Pennsylvania)

Use of Force in American Policing
Alec Corapinski (Upshur County)

One Youth Soccer Coach's Maiden Implementation of the Tactical Games Model
Obidiah Atkinson (Ontario, Canada)

Co-Ed Proms at WV University
Elana Zambori (Ohio County)