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WVU fire expert offers fire safety reminders

A portrait of Mark Lambert is shown. He's wearing a gold and blue Extension shirt in front of a gray backdrop.

Mark Lambert, WVU Extension Fire Service director and assistant professor, is providing tips for people dealing with the aftermath of home fires. (WVU Photo)

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The aftermath of a home fire can be devastating for families and communities. These fires leave homeowners, renters and others trying to salvage their possessions, precious items, photos and other items.

A West Virginia University fire safety expert — Mark Lambert, WVU Extension Fire Service director and assistant professor — is available to discuss safety and next steps for those affected by a home fire.


“Do not return to your home or apartment until the authorities tell you it is safe. Let the experts complete their work. Once it’s safe for you to return, they will let you know.

“Once you’ve been cleared to reenter your home or apartment, use caution. There likely will be debris, loose nails, damaged furniture and burned, and/or wet materials. These items pose safety hazards, so be alert. The Federal Emergency Management Agency also provides great information and resources for those who have been affected by a fire.

“If you have homeowners’ or renters’ insurance, contact them as soon as possible. You also can contact local community resources like United Way or the American Red Cross for assistance.” — Mark Lambert, Extension Fire Service director and assistant professor, WVU Extension

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