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WVU expert answers questions about prostate cancer

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Dr. Stanley Zaslau answers questions about prostate cancer in this WVUToday Expert Pitch. (WVU Photo/Zane Lacko)

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Men ages 55-to-69 years old should consider being screened for prostate cancer, says Dr. Stanley Zaslau, chair of the West Virginia University Department of Urology. Each year in America, 13 out of 100 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer but few will die as a result. For those at greatest risk, screening is the key for early detection. 

 “While all men are at risk of getting prostate cancer, very few will actually die as a result of prostate cancer because the disease is treatable if caught early. Screenings are recommended for those with a family history of prostate cancer, for those age 55 and older, or someone of African-American descent.”  Dr. Stanley Zaslau, chair and professor of urology, WVU School of Medicine

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