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WVU partners on videos promoting the Monongahela and area cities

photo of two adults and two children canoeing on a river

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What's the news?
The Northern West Virginia Brownfields Assistance Center at West Virginia University partnered with InnerAction Media to produce two videos that showcase Morgantown, Fairmont, Star City and the surrounding areas along the Monongahela River. Anna Withrow, a redevelopment specialist, wants West Virginia residents to begin maximizing the availability of this community resource.

Quotes and comments
“The Mon River is a space where families and friends can spend time together. Unfortunately, this community asset is underutilized. Our first goal was to educate the community on this vast resource sitting in their backyard; our second goal was to make outside visitors aware of what our Mon River towns have to offer.” - Anna Withrow, redevelopment specialist

“The Mon River is so under-appreciated. During production, I felt inspired to get out and do more on the river. Talking with people, setting up video shoots and getting out there to see what people are doing made me realize how much the river and surrounding area truly has to offer and how easy it is to access. I hope watching the video has the same effect on viewers.” - Liza Heiskell, IAM video producer

Watch the first video: Come Down to the River and Play!

Photo: Kayaking on the Mon

Photo: Preparing to paddleboard

Link to original story: Come down to the river and play! WVU partners on videos promoting the Mon and area cities

Target Audiences

  • West Virginia residents
  • Families
  • Business owners
  • Tourists
  • Photographers
  • Videographers



CONTACT: Anna Withrow
WVU Northern West Virginia Brownfields Assistance Center

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