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Systemic flooding of pain pills into Appalachia ‘obscene’

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Dr. James Berry, WVU's director of Addiction Services, is available to speak to media about about the release of DEA data that shows targeted markets for opioids.

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Dr. James Berry, West Virginia University’s director of Addiction Services, says data from the Drug Enforcement Administration revealing the targeted distribution of pain pills and the corresponding rise in overdose deaths is alarming, if unsurprising to those who treat addiction. 

“With greater exposure to an addictive substance, you will find a greater number of people devastated by addiction. Sadly, rural communities in Appalachia were systematically flooded with an obscene amount of pain pills and we have suffered mightily as a result.” - Dr. James Berry, interim chair, WVU Department of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry and director of Addiction Services

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